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ooh, new look and feel..

I haven't looked at new LJ options in a while, and this new theme is rather swish even if I do type so myself, which I do, because I'm not some kind of un-typist.

It'd be nice to edit the margins.. maybe I'll play with it a bit more at some point.

On a completely different note that I've just been reminded of: for some reason there is never a mood description that suits my mood. I went through every single one too thinking maybe I just didn't see it and that I should check them all to be sure, so I am concluding that there has to be some missing from the list. I suppose I could just pick one at random each time, which would likely be wildly inaccurate most of the time, but equally as amusing. Or, I could just pick tired every single time, which would defeat the purpose of using it at all, but at least be accurate since I am always tired.. even if it is irrelevant to the post. I refuse to be satisfied with the 'Other' option, since that forces me to put into words WTF mood I'm in. I mean, how am I supposed to put a word to how I feel, when I can't even find a word in a list that sounds like it might be what I am feeling like. It kind of makes me think of a doctor inventing a name for a disease based on what it looks like. 'It gives the patient large lumpy welts and makes the skin on his legs grow far too much so I've given him stilts to use until his immune system can counter the effects. I've named this disease Lumpalstiltskinitis.'

This isn't really a rant, although by all rights it probably should be. I guess I'm just not trying hard enough tonight. I probably don't really care that much. Life is good within a reasonable margin of error, and not even an irrelevant mood listing, nor a lack of time to read my books, nor a mounting pile of back-of-my-mind projects to complete, and at this stage not even the coming increase in our living arrangements costs will change that. It just makes it that little bit more challenging. I guess we all eventually have to pay more for the opportunity to think up new words to describe how they feel while you try to find more time to do the things you never get around to doing. This time I'll call it 'geflunk'. I can only hope that isn't some swear word in a language that I do not understand, which is basically all of them.

Hm, I just discovered a large body of hair where there shouldn't be.. on a tissue I just blew my nose on. That is seriously geflunk.